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Who’s Your Family – Blood, Bond or Both?

Tesha Buss

I┬álove my blood family. My mom and dad have done for me all the things that a bond of friendship may never have dared to touch – like renovating retreat centers and farms. As the locals here in Plymouth say, “We turned a sows ear into a silk purse!”

The bonded family of friends I have blesses me in other extraordinary ways. Their understanding of my souls desires and fears comforts me, while their amazing level of knowledge and helpful tools uplifts me.

My friend Samone Weissman, is joining my family of friends – chefs Melissa Gellert, Matthew Wexler and Alejandra Ramos – for a Memorial Day weekend┬áculinary retreat of deliciousness and debauchery. Samone and I went through extreme rights of passage together in college. Our connection then was distant, but reconnecting has been enlightening, and is a welcomed walk down what used to feel like a scarred, horrid memory lane.

You know the beauty of creating beautiful spaces for friends to visit? You have the opportunity to see how far you have come and how much you have healed together over many dinners and much wine. Find an old friend today and share with them your blessed arrival at a lasting new landscape. Journeys are better shared. Reach out today and come visit!

For more information on our 7th Anniversary Culinary Retreat Celebration of family and friends please click the link below.



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