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The Family 50!

I just returned from celebrating with my parents their 50 years of marriage.  Over 90 people descended upon my folks centennial farmhouse to reminisce and watch long slide shows of photos confirming just how wild my folks have been through out the years.  Family pushes all our buttons and stirs up our resting psyche.  Family can also uplift, ground and help us feel connected.  We are products of our parents and our upbringing no matter how much we have evolved since our early days.  We can push away our challenging pasts or embrace our discerning choices that have since created our chosen families!

That I am a product of their marriage and their relationship is a paramount example for me.  They are not proud of every moment along their rocky road, but I am proud of their commitment to their vows.  They have stayed in the game, rough or smooth, for better for worse.  That’s family… smiling and still swatting at flies!

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