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Strength in Not Knowing

Izzy commands, “Drive fast Daddy!” 

Daddy says, “We can’t because it’s freezing rain and if we speed we might die.”

“When we die, do we have our clothes on?” asks Iz. 

I say, “It depends upon choice.  Some people prefer to be buried clothes in a coffin, typically their Sunday best, (not pajamas) but if you are cremated, then everything gets burned to ash.  Mommy is going to donate her body to to science, that is only if they will take me!” 

Iz continues, “So if you end up buried underground, we get put in a cardboard box?”  

I respond, “We call it a casket.” 

She says, “I was trying to wonder in my mind how that was true! (I chuckle…)  

Are dead people thirsty?” 

I say, “I don’t know.  We don’t know what happens when we are dead but I can imagine that since we no longer breathe, then we are no longer thirsty.”  

– Why???  I don’t know! 

The older I get I realize that knowing more brings forth the recognition that there is so much more that we don’t know.  Let us focus on how much we do NOT know!  What a great leveler!  We are all in the same not knowing boat!  We don’t have to one up each other!  Let not knowing unite us, for ignorance typically divides us… 

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