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William James from Gotham City Acupuncture was at Good Commons this last weekend for our first Cannabliss retreat. I’ve known Bill for over 20 years. We were dancers on Broadway at the same time. Before I hopped on his table, he asked about my concerns and issues. I had to laugh to say my Cats injury is returning to haunt me!    

As he began to work with me, asking questions and checking my meridians, he quickly discovered that my hip injury is actually not hip injury. It may have been back then but now my liver meridian is not flowing properly because I’m not sleeping. The liver starts to detox about four hours into sleep which is when I wake up almost every night! I sleep past the four hour mark perhaps once every two weeks. I love my middle of the night work sessions but I did not understand what that would do to my body. 

Chef Melissa made an Indica tincture as a part of this past weekend’s learning process at our Cannabliss Retreat. I used half a dropper the last two nights, and while I did wake up in the middle of the night when my little girl crawled in bed with me, it wasn’t 20 minutes and I was back to sleep. My hip is recovering and releasing beautifully. 

Bill’s mentor said to him, “healthy people sleep.”  May we all be blessed with both brilliant health and an abundance of deep restorative sleep!  

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