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Share Your Shine!

Now more than ever we need to shine as brightly as we can with our fierceness of being and our strength of convictions!  I think that my daughter has learned this too well and I have to teach her to share her shine.  I told her the other day that she had to share the spotlight or she would burn out!  Burn out is no fun!  
The mark of a profound warrior is knowing when to retreat. Your adrenal glands need a break!  Focus inward. Recuperate. Put attention on self care. Create solid life plans and strategize for how to apply action upon re-entry.  We can retreat over a long, deep weekend amongst like minded and like striving souls at Good Commons or simply during a quick bathroom break.  Shine – Retreat – Shine again!  
Keep the good torch lit and pass it on Good Commoners!
Tesha Buss
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