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Reunions & Birthdays!

We are about to host a reunion retreat at Good Commons with our Food and Wine Retreat. It will be our 6th time hosting this retreat and almost everyone coming is a returning member of the Good Commons family. The very next week is the 1st birthday of darling Izabella. Watching the development of a child in his/her first year is extraordinary on a sometimes daily basis. One day Iz just rolled over and then one day she said her first word, and suddenly she crawls and stands and walks along the coffee table – developing a personality and truly communicating in her own way.

How much do we develop as adults each year? I know one attendee of our Food and Wine retreat quit her job and changed her whole path in life after coming to Good Commons years ago. We frequently need time away from our day to day routine or a milestone event to push us to take internal inventory. The choice of what to change and how briskly to enact it is yours. What will you invite into your realm, and which parts of your inner landscape will you set free?

Friendly reminder–change is constant and time is one cool tool!

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