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We need to take 100% responsibility for our lives.  We cannot control everything that happens to us, but we have the ability to respond in any way that we choose. Our response positions characterize us more than most other qualities.  By reflecting on our response abilities, we garner whether we are off center, exhausted, at wit’s end or centered and empowered.

When the person you love the most gets under your skin the deepest, do you lash out or do you take a deep breath before speaking?  Do you remember to be kind while explaining how you want something improved upon or do you just want to tear a person down for their shortcomings to make you feel bigger?  When you complain to your friends about your life, do you heed their advice or do you simply vent or complain?  If you do not want what irritates you to be relieved, do you ask why?  Is it comfortable?  Is it life as you saw your parents living it?

If we want to take responsibility for our actions, we must contemplate our response agility.  We are in the world to relate to it in all ways and with all beings.  Let’s tune up our abilities this spring Good Commoners!  A lighter response creates a lighter life!

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