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As my partner and I were celebrating our 6th year anniversary together, he turned to me and said, “Nice to meet you Tesha Buss.”  It was just the loveliest moment!  It made me feel as if we were just meeting for the first time.  I was flooded by examining how different we both are from the day that we met.  We truly were meeting again as renewed, different people for the first time.  Every moment holds this newness if we take the opportunity to see and receive it.  The ignition spark seems to die for all of us in all relationships with lovers, friends or with projects so soon in.  It’s important to look towards that spark to ensure that it stays alive.  

We are experiencing many sparks of newness at Good Commons.  It is time to shake up some of our annual offerings and go deeper than we ever have before!  Come and open our door!

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