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I am so grateful for the community that has filled these old walls here in sleepy Plymouth with gorgeous laughter, vivacious spirit and a deep reflection on the depths of life.  Thank you Good Commons community for blessing me with the opportunity to host all of you each year.  You make it so pleasurable to be of service to you.  You offer me the platform for culinary creativity, which is a major blessing in my life.

I have been running into many memories of my dancer days in New York lately and so many a time here at Good Commons I have been asked if I miss that lifestyle.  The quick answer is no!  I am extremely fulfilled here in a reinvented self way.  My dancer time was the fruition of a childhood dream.  Good Commons, my life, and my style here in Vermont was born from my adult dreams about how I wanted to make my living and how I wanted my soul to feel while doing it. 

As the end of 2018 approaches and a new year is coming to dawn go ahead and ask yourself what part of you could be reinvented from what you now know verses what we were programmed to know?  Life experience helps us to tune up our decision making process.  Our personal experience informs how we respond to everything around us, consciously or hey, sometimes not so consciously!  Emotional experience generously lights up the tapestry of our life so that if we listen for knowledge, so will knowledge be bestowed.  Now we can reinvent ourselves to match our current soul base.  

Ground, reflect and restore.  

Soul Software Update Complete!

Happy time of Thanksgiving!

Tesha Buss
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