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Get Into It!

I said to my mom the other day, ‘If you can’t get out of it, then you gotta get into it.”  My friend Adam Kitchell said this to me years ago and it stuck with me because it is so simple and it is what we need to hear often.  Many tasks pop up every day that we want to avoid or wish away.  Yet in those tasks that require stick-to-itiveness, comes strength and many times bursts of energy.  I love that feeling of lightness after completing the mucky task.  It is over!  

Stop dreading little things/big things/medium sized responsibilities, because from this mindset you are living a life of consistent dread.  Highly effective people talk about doing all the tasks they don’t want to do first so they can be rewarded with what fuels them later when energy levels are lower.  We all know our own energy flow and what times of day we are most effective… and you if you don’t know this about yourself, put this self discovery task on that to do list!  Get to intense tasks at the time of day you feel energized and notice if that time of day is consistent.  Walk or run with force into what challenges you and notice the energy pop when you arrive on the completion side.  Then give thanks to yourself.  You did it! Rock on Good Commoners!

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