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Find Delight in the Little Things!

My daughter is obsessed with Easter eggs.  This year we have hidden eggs around the Good Commons kitchen at least a dozen times.  It’s hilarious to me that every time she hides them for me to find, she has to show me where she hid each and every one!  I act excited to see them right there in the freezer as she opens the door.  She is so proud of herself for finding such a fun hiding place.  A true belly giggle ensues from her for every egg found, no matter if I see it first or if she shows it to me.  

Wouldn’t it be lovely to find that level of excitement and amusement around simple things like, seeing the table set for dinner!  Look, plates!  (Giggle giggle!)  Wow, the silverware too!  (Giggle, giggle!)  Children find such delight in the world.  Find your inner child and giggle at the mundane today. 

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