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10 Years Ago…

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Good Commons was purchased 10 years ago on December 1, 2006.  
When I bought Good Commons, I was a somewhat neurotic New Yorker, born a farm girl, that wanted to return to country roots yet continue to have culture, stimulation and entertainment.  The idea for Good Commons and my new life style had been ruminating for many years and so when I saw this rundown property in sleepy Plymouth, it didn’t take me long to decide – this was it!  
The property was in quite a state of demise.  I am ever grateful to the friends who swung hammers with me to gut and recreate the building.  You know who you are, and you are the best!  
The painstaking renovation was followed by the financial crash of 2008, the 2 basement floods in 2010, and then Hurricane Irene in 2011.  Certainly these issues would make any gal question if the choice to follow this dream was a good one.  It seemed as if the hits would never end! 
Slowly by slowly I learned the property in all it’s many historic and mysterious ways.  I created a maintenance schedule.  I hired a booking manager.  I learned to master tasks and to hold myself accountable for every ounce of work that needs to be completed.  I gathered an excellent team of chefs and body workers, mostly from retreat goers that were interested in coming back in new ways. 
What was birthed from caring for this dream and historic beauty has been an outpouring of amazing teachers, families, friends and business leaders who have come to visit again and again to enjoy Good Commons and all we do here… in other words – a community was birthed.  
I am so blessed with all the caring souls who come here displaying stunning examples of self care, regardless of the stage – first step to lifestyle.  I witness first hand how they empower themselves and one another.  I cherish our deep, philosophical conversations.  I am honored by the gratitude shared with me for creating Good Commons at the end of each stay.
I close this decade with these blessings and inspirations:
Pursue your passions!  
Don’t let the hard knocks keep you down. 
Cultivate awareness.
Look every problem straight on with a heightened sense of awareness.
Be honest with yourself.  Own it, whatever it is.
Be honest with those who work with you.  
Apologize but don’t over apologize.
Take the criticism.  Build from it.  
Continuously keep life and dreams fresh.  
Make gratefulness a way of life. 
I am grateful to all who receive this newsletter and beyond.  You care and have contributed to the beauty of Good Commons.  I am so grateful for you.  Here’s to decades more!

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss is the creator of GOOD COMMONS, a retreat center, vacation home and studio for the arts. In the heart of Vermont, Good Commons provides a space to create, a space to empower the body and soul, a space to heal and a space to be fed.
Tesha Buss

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